Deep in the Pacific Ocean, a secret military operation has uncovered something sinister. And the International research station Dark Reef is in its path. It’s up to you to protect the station and its inhabitants while they race to unravel the origin and secrets of this mysterious new force.

You are the station’s last line of defense, protecting The Dark Reef science team from the onslaught of a mysterious and inhuman foe.

But this won't be a traditional video game!

Each week, a new episode will be released, continuing that month’s chapter in the storyline.

Some chapters will put you in the pilot's seat, flying powerful underwater assault craft. Some chapters will put you in charge of a massive robot army to command (real-time strategy). And some chapters will even put you in a combat diving suit (first person shooter).

Once a month, the first episode (which will set the scene for that month's story) will be released free to the general public.

The rest will only be available ONLY to subscribers.

You can buy a subscription for $5 a month, which gives you free access to all of the episodes released that month. And you can cancel at any time.

The first episode is online now. Download Chapter 1, Episode 1, and see what it’s all about!

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Welcome to the Dark Reef

This is the full version. You can play Episode 1: Benthic Shield, for free! Subscribe for unlock codes for the other episodes.

Mac v2.0
(OS X 10.5 or later)

Windows v2.0

(Windows XP or later)

Linux v2.0

Or you can buy an entire year's subscription at half off, for just $30!

Dark things can only stay hidden so long.

Don’t leave your Nautilus outside in the dark.

He doesn’t like that.